Mental Health

How to Nurture Your Mental Health

Cathy Cassata
Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves taking care of your mental health. "Simply defined, I'd say mental health is about achieving healthy emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning," said Deborah Serani,... Continue

May Our Grief Transform Us

Andrea Butler, The Hartford's Behavioral Health Unit
When we hear the word "grief" it brings up many things and yet when we say "grief" in 2021 it brings up more than we care to even think about. No doubt we have all experienced grief throughout our lives in one form or another, but... Continue

Tips for Handling Stress During the Holidays

Anne Shaw
While some people can't wait to welcome the holiday season, others experience trepidation thanks to impending holiday stress. Whether you're cooking a grand, picture-perfect Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings or coordinating a... Continue