Thriving At Work

How to Be A Better Communicator

Beth Braverman
Communicating well can improve your relationships and reduce confusion. Learning how to be a better communicator is a soft skill that's important for everyone to master. There are several ways to become better at connecting with... Continue

What is Imposter Syndrome? Plus 5 Tips to Beat It

Anne Shaw
Have you ever had the feeling that you don't belong, especially at work – that you're not skilled enough, intelligent enough, qualified enough? Maybe you assume that you only got to where you are because you're lucky and that... Continue

How to Prepare for An Interview

By Anne Shaw and professionally reviewed by The Hartford's Vocational Rehabilitation Team
Whether you're getting back to work after an extended period or pursuing an entirely new type of role, landing a job interview is an important step. S​​o, if you have one scheduled, pat yourself on the back! You're one step closer... Continue

Stay Organized and Own Your Career

Dahna M. Chandler, MPS
Organizational skills and career planning go hand-in-hand. Together they help you achieve the outcomes you want in your career. Being organized also gives you a sense of control and accomplishment, which can enhance your emotional... Continue